Our Family-Owned Company began in 1988 as a regrind shop based out of the home of the late owner/founder Jeffrey Thomas. While running a distributorship full-time, he would come home to regrind tools with a manual machine out in his barn daily.

As his regrind business began to grow he moved it into a small shop located on the main street of the town of Montpelier, OH, where his tool distributing business, Kim Supply Co., was operating.

As both businesses continued to grow over the years, Jeff was able to break ground in 1999 on 3 acres of land located at the current location of 1604 Magda Drive, Montpelier OH, where a 5000 SF building was created. It was only one year later when an additional 4200 SF was added to the building due to continued growth within the company.

At that time, in the year 2000, Jeff decided to give his regrind shop the name of Tomahawk Tool Service as it was growing into a full service custom tool manufacturing company.

Currently Tomahawk Tool Service is still a Family-Owned Company, employing approximately 10 people with over 270 years of combined experience.

Tomahawk Tool Service 1604 Magda Drive Montpelier, OH 43543 Phone: 419.485.8737 Fax: 419.485.3545